PSC 1200 Introduction to International Relations (Fall 2019)
A semester course introducing students to the fundamental analytic approaches to the study of international relations.


PSC 6900 The Politics of Climate Change (Spring 2019)
A seminar offered to seniors in the major as their capstone course. The course offers a comprehensive view of climate politics from both a comparative and international relations perspective. Students write a research paper using primary source data.


PSC 4275 Global Environmental Politics and Policy (Spring 2019)
An upper level political science course focused on analyzing the full range of environmental issues through the tools of political science. The course includes a simulation where students write their own climate change agreement.


Poli 162 Environmental Policy (Summer 2017)
An intensive 5-week course, involving 2 3-hour sessions per week. With a small class, sessions focused on group discussion, teamwork, simulations, peer editing and group preparation for the final debates.



  1. Policy memos

  2. Debate


Poli 104E Environmental Law and Policy (Spring 2017)
A lecture-format class. The class was conducted with a mix of lecture and pair and small group work.



Project Documents (Project described in syllabus and lecture 3):


Guest Lectures: